Hobart (A Quick TAS Trip)

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10149224584_d19b51f601_oWe had the opportunity to made a quick trip back down to Tasmania for a couple days, see Tasmanian Devils, explore a little around Hobart, and just relax. Arriving at the Hobart airport at 8 AM, we picked up the rental car (got upgraded for free to a loaded Renault Fluence, leather, NAV, etc) and took the first turn off the highway that said beach. This took us down to 7 Mile Beach, where the sun was out and the day was starting to warm up, a beautiful morning in southern Tassie. Taking a walk on the beach, getting my feet wet and collecting a handful shells, it was a great start to the morning (we will ignore that the morning actually started at 4:30 after only a few hours of sleep).

From the beach we headed out to the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park on the Tasman Peninsula which is still an isolated disease-free area for the Devils. The drive was of stunning contrast from when I was here a little over a year earlier. There was an ever present impact from this last years fires in Tasmania, the scared hill sides and burnt trees were of beautiful contrast. However the remains of the damage caused, homes burned to the ground, put in context the true destruction of the fires.

After spending a few hours at the Conservation Park, some sight seeing was in order while heading back to Hobart. Stopping at the fish market in Dunalley for a late lunch of fresh out of the water, cooked to order, and wrapped in paper, Fish and Chips. After enjoying lunch at a picnic table outside we make our way into Hobart. The evening was wrapped up with a stop by Kmart in North Hobart and dinner at the Drunken Admiral (a remembered favorite from my first trip).

The next morning greeted us with beautiful clear and crisp morning. After checking out of the hotel we headed into downtown Hobart for Breakfast and some window shopping. I should know better than to “window shop” as I always end-up inside some store spending money. After some exploring we headed out to Cascade Brewery for a tour/tasting.

Australia’s oldest* brewery, the tour was like most breweries walking through the different brewing stages but with a great bit history thrown in making it quite enjoyable. The tour finished back at the visitor center with tastings, never a bad way to finish.
*Depending who you ask

That afternoon we attempted to take in the “relaxing” portion of the trip, books in hand, we attempted to find a beach with mixed results as the wind had decided to pick up mid afternoon and it wasn’t the warmest out to start. After a brief stop at Short Beach we headed south of Hobart to Kingston Beach. Following the NAV in the car we proceeded down a steep curvy gravel road, figures I always have to get a rental dirty, and ended up on the north end of the beach. Had we gone another 3 minutes down the highway we could have been on the main portion of the beach via pavement. Between gusts of wind it was enjoyable and I was able to make a small dent in my book.

The trip wrapped up with dinner in Hobart’s Salamanca Square at a great Bar/Pizza place. Chili Prawn Avocado pizza (it had some kick to it) with a local Moo Brew beer. Next stop was the Airport before returning to Sydney for a day before heading to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

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Points of Interest:
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