Tasmania Day 2 – Hobart to Lake St Clair

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Day 2 consisted mostly of the drive from Hobart to Lake St. Clair located at the southern end of the Cradle Mt – Lake St Clair National Park which is part of the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area. Stopping at The Wall (http://www.thewalltasmania.com/), unfortunately they don’t allow photos, but the wall of carvings was awesome. A few miles down the road and I was at Lake St. Clair.

Arriving at the park, I checked out the visitors center, maps, and info about the area. Next I checked in and found my cabin. It was awesome, well there was no internet or cell service, but the perfect environment to kick back with a book by the fire after a few hours out on the trail, which is exactly what I did.

So after being amazed with my cabin, yes a heated towel rack, I grabbed the camera and went for a walk. There are a series of short trails at the end of the Overland Track and I hit the one that went up to where two rivers merge and come into the lake. Back in time to grab my Jacket (the first time since Oregon I have had used it) and headed to the lodge for dinner. Decided it was time to branch out and try a Tasmanian wine. I forget exactly what it was, but it was good (have been having a hard time finding decent beer). Not only did I get upgraded to the larger glass but she filled it to the brim (after asking if I was driving, which I wasn’t, which was a good thing). After dinner I headed back to the cabin, kicked on the fireplace (it cooled down pretty good once the sun dropped) and read for a few hours (more of Pillars of the Earth, some day I might get to finish it).

The next morning, after a great nights sleep (probably the best since November and this whole moving to AU thing started) I learned just how nice a heated towel rack can be. A cup of coffee and a walk down to the lake was in order. Over night all the cloud cover blew over and it was a beautiful morning. French toast topped off the morning and I was headed out and on the road again, but that is the next post.