Tassie Birthday Trip – Nov. 2013

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For my birthday I decided to head down to Tassie for 5 days. Overall had a great trip, despite it ending with hassle at the airport on the return trip. Upon arriving in Hobart the weather decided to welcome me with an overcast sky that burned off late that afternoon leading into a couple beautiful days. Highlights from the trip include:

Nant Distillery
NantMmm.. Single malt Whisky from the source. After heading out of Hobart towards my first nights destination of Lake St. Clair, I choose to take a path different from my prior trip (Feb 2012), resulting in a early afternoon stop by the Nant Distillery and by luck just in time for a tour and tasting. What can I say, beautiful country, beautiful whisky, distillery in a old water driven grain mill, and a birthday present of a bottle for myself. Awesome start to the trip.
**Gallery from my visit to Nant: http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkaboutmax/sets/72157637549737906/

Corrina / Pieman River
The primary goal of this trip was to disconnect and enjoy some of the TAS wilderness. In looking for places to stay I stumbled on Corinna in the Tarkine wilderness. “What about contact with the outside world? We think that the ability to escape from mobile phones, internet services and newspapers is one of the great advantages flowing from a trip to Corinna.” And so it was to be, no cell service, no tv, just silence.

Topping off the trip into the Tarkine was a cruise down the Pieman River on the historic Arkadia II a 17m craft built of huon pine in 1939. About a hour and half down to the inlet of the river on the Indian Ocean where we spent a hour exploring the beach and a packed lunch. The return trip resulted in a nice sunburn on the back of my hand where it was covered by a cast the month before but exposed by the splint. The cruise was beautiful, calm, and great company was on board.

Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park
And what would be a visit to TAS without a trip out to the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park? For me, thus far, not possible to skip and so on Friday morning I headed down to the Tasman peninsula and the park for my fix of Devils. Maybe it was the weather but the devils were a lot more in your face playful than on past visits, as it was drizzling I opted to leave the DSLR in the car not expecting such great photo opportunities. As a result all of the photos/videos taken at the park are a result of my iPhone.

Guess I can’t finish without the Airport story. Thanks to the Hobart International Airport for this experience. It started when I had to go back through security a second time because of a loose battery in my bag (funny it has been in there loose since my last trip to/from the USA). The security guy put a piece of tape over the end so it can’t short against something and all was good. Back through the x-ray and I get randomly selected for a “quick check for explosives”. I am starting to think it’s been a slow day, at least I got to the airport with extra time. I step over and get my clothes and bags swabbed and the machine goes red on analysis. Positive for TNT. That starts the next 30 minutes of re-swabs, multiple analysis attempts, and clearing/cleaning of the machine between. My bags clear but my clothes don’t. After hearing about my day, a step by step play back of places and activities, the girl asks “have you been in or sat in any grass today?”, hmm, the bottom of my pants and shoes are still damp from the last field I walked through while geocaching on the way to the airport (I had time to kill on the drive and it was a good opportunity). Another explanation of the afternoon is given, this time with much more detail about geocaching and why I was walking through various parks/fields that afternoon. She kind of glossed over the first time when I said I did some geocaching on the way to the airport, but now she understood. A quick pat down later, getting everything x-rayed a third time and I am cleared. The final decision is that I must have picked up some fertilizer on my clothes that was giving the machine a false reading.

View the full set of photos from this trip at: Tasmania – November 2013, on Flickr.

Nant DistilleryGeocaching fun on the drive.Nant DistilleryNant DistilleryNant DistilleryNant Distillery
Nant DistilleryNant DistilleryNant DistilleryNant DistilleryNant DistilleryNant Distillery
Nant Distillery